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Control Your Home with—The Smart, Safe Voice Assistant

Two people drinking coffee in the kitchen. The Josh Nano is installed on the wall. Responds to Complex Voice Commands and Learned Preferences

A smart home offers an incredibly luxurious lifestyle, preparing your home for you in advance, performing everyday tasks, and setting the mood for every occasion. When entered the market in 2016, managing smart home systems and devices became even easier.

Now, you can walk into your home at the end of a long day and say, “Josh, I’m home. Let’s relax.” Immediately the lighting transforms, illuminating your home in soft amber and Caribbean blue tones. Your “Relaxing” playlist begins streaming through the house and yard, the temperature adjusts, and the spa heats—a life of luxury! 

Josh’s built-in privacy features and natural language processing technology have transformed how we manage our smart homes. Let's explore the many features of and why we recommend this voice assistant to our clients in Scottsdale, AZ, and the surrounding areas. 

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Built for Smart Homes

Unlike Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, was built for smart homes. This means you can tell it to perform tasks other voice assistants wouldn't understand. For example, when you ask Josh to turn the kitchen lights to dandelion yellow and the living room lights to mauve, it understands. That’s because Josh knows every color of light that Lutron’s Ketra full-spectrum lighting system offers. 

When you’re lounging in the living room and tell Josh to lower the shades 50%, turn on The Watcher, and dim the lights. It knows to tune into Netflix and control the lighting and shades in the room where you’re located. Thanks to natural language processing, Josh understands complex commands, and you can talk to it like you're talking to a friend instead of a robot. Unlike most friends, Josh also has a perfect memory.

Josh Is Smart

Just like your smart home, Josh is intelligent. Its last initials, ai, stand for artificial intelligence, a technology that enables it to learn by doing. The more you talk to Josh, the more it learns and remembers your preferences. For example, do you like your shades closed right after the sun sets, your doors locked, and your lights the color of soft candlelight? Josh remembers without having to be reminded. 

Private and Secure

Unlike other voice assistants that use your information for marketing purposes or third-party vendors, Josh is committed to your privacy and will never sell your data. Additionally, Josh Nano, the in-room microphone a little larger than a quarter, contains a disconnect switch for total privacy and the conversation mode that turns off listening. 

A single tap on the touch dial of Josh Micro and Josh Nano deactivates the microphones. Josh only listens when awoken and only for one purpose—to provide the ultimate smart home experience.

At Technology Design Associates, we create customized smart homes that our clients control effortlessly from one easy-to-use platform and via voice control. Your privacy, safety, and enjoyment are our top concerns, which is why we recommend To learn more about the amazing world of home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Technology Design Associates today.

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