3 Josh.ai Features That Make It the Ultimate Voice Control Assistant

A couple is in bed talking to Josh.ai to get their home ready for the day.

Learn the top benefits this amazing voice control assistant can bring to your home!

Having a smart home is all about enjoying more comfort, luxury and convenience in your spaces. It’s about making every day an unforgettable experience of pleasure and ease. While integrating home automation technologies and fancy devices is a great way to begin creating this lifestyle, only a smart assistant such as Josh.ai can truly give you the completely seamless experience you want. 

At Technology Design Associates, we have a team of experts ready to integrate this outstanding technology into your home, whether you are in the central or southwestern Oregon area. Want to learn more about the unique perks of having Josh.ai managing your home? Keep reading our blog to learn more!

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Josh Is Constantly Learning How to Enhance Your Experience

To describe Josh.ai merely as a voice assistant, while correct, would fall short. Josh does more than simply obey your command; it is capable of learning and growing. This is because, just as its name describes, Josh is AI (artificial intelligence). The more you give voice commands to your home, the better it keeps up with your lifestyle and learns about your routine and preferences, allowing you to increase the luxury and convenience of your smart living experience each day.

For example, let’s say you like to get up early to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee. So every day, you wake up at 6:00 am, raise the motorized shades in your bedroom, then come down to your kitchen to prepare a fresh pot of coffee and finally sit in your backyard to watch the sun come out while listening to the news. 

After a while of doing this, Josh will take note of this routine and automatically adjust your shades at six in the morning, then turn on the lights in your kitchen and lastly, turn on the news in your outdoor speakers, all without you programming the system. 

Josh Blends in with Your Home Décor

Many luxury homeowners are reluctant to integrate smart home technologies, fearing that they will take a toll on the balance and beauty of their interior design. And we perfectly understand that! After all the time, money and effort you’ve put into making your home more welcoming and aesthetically appealing, why would you want to clutter it with bulky devices intruding everywhere? Well, with Josh.ai, that’s something you will never worry about.

For instance, Josh Nano is a tiny in-room microphone, slightly larger than a quarter, powerful enough to easily pick up your voice commands and give you full control of a large property. Its incredibly small size allows it to blend perfectly into your walls or ceilings, letting your unique décor be the center of attention. 

Josh Cares about Your Privacy

While it’s a futuristic and fascinating experience to integrate technology with a simple voice command, having a device listening to your everyday conversations and storing information about your routine can be unsettling. We understand all your privacy concerns, and luckily, Josh does too!

Josh.ai gives you full control of how much data your home can collect about your preferences and when the microphones can listen to your commands, allowing you to know exactly when Josh is and isn’t listening. Moreover, your data will never be shared with third parties, as Josh is the only voice assistant that stores all the information it gathers on a local server in your home instead of the cloud, meaning you’ll be the only one who can access your private data.

At Technology Design Associates, we are passionate about making your life more comfortable and filling your home with delightful experiences. Are you ready to integrate Josh.ai and make your Oregon home more convenient? Contact us right here to learn more. 

We’ll look forward to working with you!

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