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Control your smart home with simple spoken commands

If your home is equipped with automated lights, Sonance’s audio systems, or Future Automation’s motorized shades, it is more than just a luxurious place; it is a functional and convenient smart home ecosystem. But controlling all these different technologies via different apps and remote controls can get confusing. 

This is where voice control comes into the picture. With a voice control system, you can control all your smart technology with your voice. Read on to find how it is beneficial for your smart home in Sparks, NV. 


Google Assistant is great for using smart homes to control automated technology with your voice. But unlike Google Assistant, can process natural language better. You don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over till your Google Assistant can understand your command. In short, has superior Natural Language Processing (NLP) over other voice command software. 

More Privacy at Home

With Google Assistant and other voice control systems, you always risk a breach of privacy. But when you use, there’s minimal risk of your data being leaked because Josh safeguards your data. comes with a conversation mode. If you choose to use this mode, it automatically switches off “listening.” It means that the microphone is disabled, and you can have private conversations without worrying about your speech being recorded. For physically disconnecting the microphone, you can use the Josh Nano with an easy-to-use switch. Devices

Currently, three devices can be used to integrate voice control into your home. These are the app, Nano, and Micro. 

The Josh app allows you to open smart locks with the help of the app. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android. It offers remote access to your home when you’re away and is extremely easy to use. 

The Josh Nano is quite small and is mounted on the walls or ceilings of your smart home. It's a microphone that blends seamlessly into any space and can be disconnected for more privacy. 

The Josh Micro is a touch-sensitive microphone that can control your entire home with your voice. Double-tapping the device can trigger different commands, such as locking the doors or dimming the lights throughout the house. 

Using all three devices in combination can give you full voice control over your home. Get in touch with TDA today to get for your smart home in Sparks, NV. Give us a call at (775) 823-7300, or fill out an easy online form for more details. 

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