How Lighting Is an Energy-Saving System


Enjoy added convenience to your life and reduce your carbon footprint

Saving energy has become a hot topic for homeowners. One way to reduce your energy usage is to install a smart lighting system that optimizes how electricity is used. Then, it’s easy to adjust your lighting from your smart device of choice with just a few taps. Discover how lighting can be an energy-saving system in your Phoenix, AZ, area home.



Lutron is an industry leader in energy-saving systems. Every year, Lutron products save homeowners nearly 10 billion kWh of energy. For example, traditional lighting control systems only allow you to turn lights on and off. As a result, every fixture emits the same amount of light no matter the time of day. A dimmer allows you only to use the precise amount of light you need if there is a lot of sunlight streaming in. This also means that power is reduced to a lighting source, saving energy and even making the bulb last longer. For example, halogen bulbs last up to twenty times longer with a dimmer, and a halogen light dimmed by 35% uses 28% less energy.


Occupancy and vacancy sensors further the ability to manage your energy usage. Your system will automatically turn on the lights when you walk into a room and turn them off when you leave. This can save up to 20% of lighting energy costs! It’s a perfect solution for families whose children forget to turn off the lights when they leave for school or when you are in a rush to get out the door for work.


Lutron systems do more than save energy through lighting. They also save energy and reduce costs by regulating the amount of daylight that enters a home. For example, using sensors that detect how bright a room is, your home automation system will open the shades to let sunlight in and illuminate a room before turning up the light intensity. And if you connect your climate system, your automation system will open the shades to heat a room or close them to cool it down before turning on the HVAC system!

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