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Partner with Our Motorized Shades Experts on Your Next Home Project


Enlist the Help of Technology Design Associates for Top-Notch Smart Shading Services

Window treatments are an important part of any home for lighting control, privacy, and style. And motorized shades are a step above manual shades and blinds. With a motorized shading system, homeowners can easily operate window treatments in one room, several rooms, or across the house with the press of a button.

As smart technology booms in popularity in Scottsdale, AZ, and across the U.S., design-build professionals can gain a competitive edge in the market by partnering with a technology expert to bring smart home solutions like motorized shades to clients. Keep reading to learn more about the value of enlisting a shading expert for your custom home projects.

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Why Upgrade to Motorized Blinds?

Making the switch from manual shades to motorized shades adds plenty of value for your homeowner clients. Instead of moving from room to room to adjust shades, homeowners can use a single device — like a smartphone or wall-mounted keypad — to control all the shades in the house and set preferred levels for privacy and natural light. For a completely hands-off approach, homeowners can schedule shades to raise or lower at specific times of the day.  

Additionally, motorized shades are a safer choice for households with kids and pets, they protect furniture, flooring, and artwork from the sun’s damaging effects, and they help homes become more energy-efficient.

4 Reasons to Bring in a Shading Expert

Whether your custom home project is new construction, renovation, or retrofit, it’s a good idea to bring a shading expert into the fold from the beginning. Below are four reasons why.  

  • Cohesive design. An integrator, like Technology Design Associates, will work with your clients to find shading solutions for every room that meet the clients’ preferences for window treatment types (shades, blinds, drapery, shutters, etc.), color, texture, pattern, material, opacity, and mounting type. An integrator will also work with your team throughout the project to seamlessly integrate shading design into the whole-home design and bring your clients’ décor visions to life.
  • Prewiring for new homes. Prewiring lays the foundation to add smart technology like wired shading systems to new homes. An integrator can work with your build team to add in-wall and in-ceiling wiring during the project’s construction phase and avoid the need to rip open the walls for new wiring in the future. Homeowners will be thrilled with the result: beautiful window coverings with no visible wires. The leading shade manufacturer Lutron offers several best-in-class solutions for wired shading systems, including the Sivoia QS, Serena, and Palladiom systems.
  • Wireless installation for retrofits and renovations. If your home project is a retrofit or renovation, an integrator will work with you to install a wireless shading system that can be installed without rewiring the house. One excellent solution is Lutron’s Sivoia QS Wireless. This completely wireless shading system can control the entire line of Lutron window treatments, including roller shades, sheer blinds, Roman shades, and drapery tracks.
  • Long-term support. Like any technology system, a motorized shades system requires proactive care, maintenance, and upgrades to perform at its best. Integrators like Technology Design Associates offer service plan packages for maintenance and support of their new technology. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing your clients will be taken care of long after completing the project.

Partner With Technology Design Associates for Expert Shading Services

Are you ready to partner with a shading expert for your next custom home project in Scottsdale, AZ? Connect with Technology Design Associates by calling (833) TDA-SMRT or filling out our online form to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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