How TDA Helps Builders Integrate Motorized Shades Into Custom Homes


Working With Professional Home Automation Experts Ensures Client Satisfaction

As a Control4 authorized diamond dealer and Crestron technology professional, Technology Design Associates (TDA) has worked with real estate developers and builders in Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas since 1994. For homeowners just entering the automated home market in Lake Tahoe, motorized shades and lighting control often segue into entertainment, security, climate control, and energy management. 

Let's look at why builders and developers turn to TDA for their smart home automation needs. 

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The Growing Market

By 2026, the global smart home automation market share is expected to reach 313.95 billion, with a 25.3% CAGR growth rate. This exponential growth is increasing the demand for integrated automated systems in the build stage. 

Today, smart home automation increases a home's value and factors into appraisals, with millennials helping lead the market trend: Over 85% say they would pay more for a connected home.

Saving Time and Money

Bringing in expert smart home designers and installers saves both time and money during the planning and construction phase. Instead of removing drywall to add new wiring, our certified technicians can conceal wiring in the walls before they are complete.

By initiating these installations during the build stage, we can minimize changes to the overall design, completing projects quickly and cost-effectively.

The Benefits of Motorized Shades

Homeowners appreciate walking into their custom homes with smart window coverings in place. In the planning stage, we discuss their needs and lifestyle and fully understand the technology solutions that would make a significant difference in their lives. 

We’ve pre-set scenes so that family members can take advantage of both sun and shade and set their blinds with one touch on their tablet, smartphone, keypad, or remote control. For example, a "Good Morning" scene may slowly raise the blinds in the bedroom, letting the morning sun awaken them instead of a blaring alarm. 

When combined with other smart home technologies, that same scene can also turn on the morning news, bring the lights on in the kitchen, and raise or lower the temperature. Combining motorized blinds and smart thermostats keeps their home at a set temperature by adjusting the blinds during the day.

For instance, a homeowner may set off to work and forget to lower the shades in the bedroom. As a result, the sun's streaming rays warm up the room, and the HVAC goes into double-time to reduce the temperature. With connected devices, the blinds lower automatically to reduce the temperature, saving on electricity in the process.

Shades and blinds adjust throughout the day, letting in just enough natural light while keeping out the damaging UV rays that fade furniture, artwork, and flooring.

Lighting and Shade

Ease of living and home management doubles when lighting and shades work in tandem. Today, homeowners can even control the color temperature of white light, helping them and their families stay in tune with their bodies’ natural rhythms. 

They awake with lighting that simulates daybreak, while bluer tones can help keep them focused throughout the day, and warmer red tones help them relax as evening descends. Finally, a pre-set "Goodnight" scene dims the lights, closes the blinds, locks the door, and arms the alarm.

Working as a Team

The developers, architects, and interior designers we work with appreciate our attention to detail and our communication skills that keep them in the loop as we discuss smart home automation with their clients. We’ll develop a detailed plan and then collaborate with your team to determine timelines for integrating the smart home technology into the home design.

At TDA, we take pride in our expertise, knowing we can deliver the total package of smart home solutions in a manner that exceeds our clients’ expectations. For a complimentary consultation or to learn more about working with smart home technology pre-build, call TDA today. 

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