3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home with LED Lighting


Discover the ways that an LED lighting installation will improve your home and lifestyle

LED lighting has become more popular in the past few years because it is more efficient, controllable, and flexible than traditional lighting sources. Light is a technology that we use in our homes every day, making it the perfect choice for a home improvement project that will benefit your lifestyle and offer a return on your investment.

Keep reading to learn three reasons why you should consider an LED lighting installation in your home in Medford, OR!

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Energy Efficiency

One of the greatest benefits of LED lighting is that it is incredibly energy efficient. It turns about 70% of the energy it uses into light, losing much less to heat than traditional lights. This means you’ll enjoy lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint! And the savings don’t end there. LED fixtures and bulbs last anywhere from three to 10 times longer than CFL and incandescent lighting. Save money over time by not having to replace bulbs as often!

Color Customization

Does your lighting change color? Tunable LED technology produces a wide range of dynamic hues and intensities that perfectly set the mood for any occasion. Use your smart lighting control system to take advantage of bright cool-white light when cooking, relax with warm amber lighting in the evening, and get the party started with vibrant reds, purples, and blues.

Our bodies also rely on light to regulate our circadian rhythm—the internal clock the monitors our sleep-wake cycle. We spend most of our time indoors under bright, artificial lighting, which can throw off this rhythm and impact our sleep. Tunable LED lighting changes throughout the day to mimic the color and intensity of sunlight, giving you the same benefits of being outside and improving your wellbeing.

LED lighting also has greater brightness capacity with greater lumen output. Illuminate key architectural features in your home with lighting that showcases your interior design.

Directional Lighting

Traditional lighting emits 360 degrees, which works in some instances, but high-quality LED fixtures offer more control and customization by allowing you to choose the beam spread that works perfectly for your home and style. Use wider beam spreads to graze a wall or illuminate a room; use narrower beam spreads to showcase artwork or architectural features!


Technology Design Associates is here to bring you beautiful and functional LED lighting that’s simple to control and seamlessly accentuates your interior design.

If you are ready to upgrade or interested in learning more, contact us today! To schedule a free consultation with one of our LED lighting experts, call (833) 832-7678, fill out our online form, or send us a message in the chat box below. We would love to hear from you!

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