How Circadian Lighting Improves Your Health


Create an attractive ambiance and improve your wellness with circadian lighting

Smart homes aren’t built only to add convenience to the lives of their residents. Today, the latest technology also improves wellness. That’s right! You can improve your mood and energy levels throughout the day and get better sleep at night with the help of innovative technology. How? With circadian lighting, a more natural way to illuminate your home in Priest River ID.

Read on to find out what circadian lighting is and how it helps in improving wellness. 

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What is Circadian Lighting?

Our circadian rhythm, also known as the biological clock, naturally works based on the changing color temperature and intensity of sunlight throughout the day. However, when you stay most of your time cooped up inside your home, you don’t get exposed to natural sunlight as much. 

That is where circadian lighting comes in. It changes the color temperature and intensity of the light source installed inside your home to match natural sunlight. For instance, the lights can be bright and have a blue tint in the afternoon, making you feel energized. As evening approaches, the lights get an amber hue, making you feel relaxed. When you get ready for bed, your body will rest better, and your overall health will improve. 

Circadian Lighting in Smart Homes

These lights in smart homes allow you to change scenes to create any desired ambiance with just a single tap of your finger. With lighting control, you can easily change the lighting in your entire home. Instantly generate an evening scene with a tap on the “evening” button. Similarly, you can tap the “morning” for a brighter set of lights to help you wake up. 

Besides all the health benefits, you enjoy convenience, comfort, and aesthetics. Tunable lights can be set to multiple hues so that you can adjust the light to your mood or whim. You can set the ambiance for parties or relaxation within moments! 

Depending on the type of automation system you integrate into your home, you can have the lights self-adjust or change the scene using wall-mounted keypads. Of course, it is also possible to control the entire system with your smartphone, tablet, or any other smart device for added convenience. 


Are you interested in integrating circadian lighting into your smart home? Not only does it help improve wellness, but it also adds functionality and convenience to homes. Technology Design Associates offers the best lighting control solutions for smart homes in Priest River ID. Start your project today by calling us at 833-832-7678 or fill out an easy online contact form to connect with us. 

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