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Control4 Smart Home Lighting Enhances Interior Design


Accentuate key aspects of your projects and impress potential clients with smart lighting

As an interior designer, you should not have to sacrifice the style of your spaces for the sake of smart technology. In fact, a smart lighting system can even enhance your interior design projects! Impress potential clients and make your spaces stand out by partnering with our dedicated lighting experts. Control4 makes it easy to harness the power of light. Read on to learn how a Control4 smart home with smart lighting control will enhance your interior design projects in Phoenix, AZ.


Showcase Key Design Elements

Décor, such as artwork, rugs, or handcrafted pieces, showcase the personality of your client. Highlight these key possessions with smart lighting. Steer eyes to these pieces by intensifying the lights pointing toward them and dimming the other lights in the room. Take advantage of different one-tap light scenes so the homeowner can switch between them to accentuate various aspects of their space.

Vintage artwork and furniture are vulnerable to exposed sunlight, but these valuable items are often the pieces you want to highlight most. Rather than placing these items in corners of rooms to protect them from incoming sunlight, install light-filtering motorized shades and photosensors that trigger your shades to close when sunlight is detected. Then you can place valuable items based on where they would make the most sense design-wise without worrying about sunlight exposure.

Customize Lighting Color Temperature

Interior designers know the importance of lighting temperature when it comes to styling a space. Smart lighting control gives you the ability to precisely adjust the light color temperature to carefully tailor any space's atmosphere. For example, warmer colors can be used in bedrooms and living spaces to encourage relaxation, while cooler lighting in the kitchen and home office can promote concentration and productivity. A smart lighting control system allows you and your clients to fine-tune the lighting of every room based on the space's unique needs.

Reduce Wall Clutter

Centralized lighting control can also reduce the amount of clutter on the walls in the form of switches and dimmers. Centralize control with elegant wall keypads or intuitive touchpads that integrate seamlessly with your design. Control4’s T4 touchscreens offer a high-resolution display and quick access to lights, scenes, and other home technology. Wall keypads also offer stunning interfaces, with stylish and flexible button configurations that simplify light control while complementing home décor.

Partner with Technology Design Associates, your local Control4 dealer, on your next interior design project! For a free consultation, call (833) TDA-SMRT or fill out our online form to get started. We would love to hear from you!

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