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How LED Lighting Installations Help Regulate Your Circadian Rhythm


Improve your overall wellbeing and mood with intuitive LED lighting

Lighting technology has come a long way. We can do so much more than just turn our lights on and off; now, we can precisely dim them or change the color temperature to create a different atmosphere using a smart device, wall panel, or remote. But smart lighting can do more than add convenience to your life in Medford, OR. It can also improve your overall wellbeing and mood! Discover how an LED lighting installation can help regulate your circadian rhythm so you feel better by day and night.


Circadian Rhythm

To fully understand circadian lighting, we first need to understand our circadian rhythm. Our bodies respond to the changing color temperature of the sun as it moves across the sky every day. As it rises, our brains are stimulated to wake up and concentrate, and as it sets, our brains produce hormones to make us sleepy, keeping us on a regular sleep-wake cycle.

Our circadian rhythm affects both our physical and mental health, and now that we spend most of our time indoors under harsh artificial light, our natural rhythm has unfortunately been thrown off. As a result, we often feel lethargic when we need to be awake and energized when it is time for bed.

Circadian Lighting

Tunable LED lighting remedies this by mimicking sunlight's color temperature and intensity as it changes throughout the day, keeping our circadian rhythms in check. As you wake up in the morning, your lights will gradually brighten and shift to cool-white hues to keep you alert and engaged. By the evening, your lights will have dimmed and warmed to amber hues to help you relax after a long day. When it is time to wake up, you will feel more energized, and when it is time to sleep, you will feel ready for bed.

Effortless Control

When you pair tunable LEDs with a home automation system like Control4, you can automate your lights to adjust on their own based on time of day or specific events. You can also create personalized lighting scenes that adjust lighting in one or several rooms at the touch of a button. Manage your lighting from an app, stylish on-wall keypads, or a handheld remote. What’s more, you can also control your light fixtures and scenes with integrated voice control


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