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3 Reasons Builders Should Incorporate Motorized Shades in Their Projects


Stand out from your competitors by laying the framework for smarter living

Most builders know the importance of building a structure that will last. You are not just building a house but a home, which a family might live in for years to come. Creating a foundation for a home has become much more than just making sure that the craftsmanship is solid. Most buyers want to incorporate smart technology into their homes to add convenience to their lives, and this means that they are expecting the framework for a smart home to be already installed. Discover why you should incorporate automated window treatments into your build projects in Ashland, OR.



You might wonder why new homeowners shouldn't just install their motorized shades after buying the house. Unfortunately, hardwired motorized shades would require opening the walls, wasting time and money. It is much more efficient to lay the wiring as the home is being built to eliminate rework time—especially if the homeowner wants motorized shades in every room.

When you bring in a home technology expert like Technology Design Associates at the start of your project, we will carefully map out the wire runs and component locations and install everything before walls go up.

Cover Large Windows

Large, floor-to-ceiling windows are a rising trend in new home builds because they help homeowners feel better connected to the outdoors. They also let in ample natural light, which instantly energizes and beautifies home interiors.

At the same time, homeowners need a convenient way to cover these large windows and easily manage natural light when their home gets too warm or if there’s a glare on their TV. Motorized window treatments are a perfect solution for filtering natural light with ease. Homeowners can use an app, voice command, or wall keypad to quickly lower, lift, open, or close windows anywhere in their home.


Motorized window treatments are also a fantastic way to protect a property from potential harm! Protect wood, furnishings, and other materials in the home from damaging UV rays with motorized shades that open and close on their own based on the sun’s positioning on the home.

Additionally, motorized shades help bolster home security by giving your homebuyers the ability to deter potential criminals from looking through the windows and targeting the property. If homeowners go on vacation, they can schedule their shades to open and close automatically, making it appear as if they are home! Motorized window treatments help keep everything and everyone safe.

Ready to partner with a motorized shading expert for your next home build? Connect with Technology Design Associates by calling (833) TDA-SMRT, filling out our online form, or sending us a message below to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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