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3 Reasons a Home Theater Installation Beats Going to the Movies


Avoid the crowds and enjoy unmatched control of your content with a dedicated cinema

Watching a movie in a theater is a completely different experience than watching one on regular television. Sitting in complete darkness, watching on a giant screen, and being immersed in layers of sound provides a more emotional and enjoyable atmosphere. What if you could recreate this experience in the comfort of your own home?

Avoid the inconvenience of crowds and beat the lines by choosing a home cinema customized to your family's unique needs. Discover three reasons that a home theater installation beats going to the movies in Scottsdale, AZ.


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When you go see a movie at the commercial theater, you are limited only to films that have recently been released. It is nearly impossible to enjoy a Harry Potter movie marathon, watch your favorite classic from the '80s, or experience a foreign film that didn't get a widespread release. Plus, you have to coordinate showtimes and pay for each ticket.

At your private cinema, your only limit is your imagination. Access virtually unlimited content and host movie night whenever you please—there is no need to check showtimes when you are in control! Plus, you can enjoy more than just movies. Stream your favorite TV shows on the big screen from streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+, or play YouTube videos or Twitch streams.

Picture Quality

The screens at your local cinema might be large, but that doesn’t mean that they are better than a display in a home theater. Many times a home theater display offers a better experience! An expert will make sure that your display is positioned and calibrated to fill up your field of view. Plus, every seat in a professionally designed home theater is the best seat.

In a commercial theater, center seats are the most coveted, but if you’re forced to sit at the very front, you must crane your neck to see. Our home theater designers will make sure that everyone has a perfect view in your theater. Plus, most home displays offer better black levels and higher dynamic range than the commercial cinema. So, enjoy a screen that provides vivid colors, crisp details, and an enthralling experience no matter where you sit.

Surround Sound

Commercial theaters rely on a large array of speakers to deliver a full acoustic experience. The good news is that you don’t need dozens of speakers to create surround sound in your home theater! Immersive audio technology such as Dolby Atmos delivers three-dimensional sound from speaker configurations like 5.1.2, which comprises three front speakers, two surrounds, one subwoofer, and two height speakers. Concealed in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers are carefully installed and calibrated to put you and your family in the middle of the action!


Ready to build your dream home theater? Technology Design Associates can help you through every step of the process. Plus, we work with the best A/V brands in the industry. To schedule a free consultation with one of our experts, call (833) 832-7678, fill out our online form, or send us a message in the chatbox below. We would love to hear from you!

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