Which Voice Control Platform Is Best?


Our Experts Go Over the Differences Between Josh.ai and Other Systems

Voice control systems are a popular way to control your smart technology. With just a simple spoken command, you can make hands-free adjustments to your lights, shades, audio-video components, and more. However, you might be wondering which voice control system is the best fit for your Medford, OR smart home.

Amazon and Google are the two leading manufacturers of smart speakers, but Josh.ai offers the best that voice control can offer. If you are interested in controlling your home audio-video and smart technology devices by voice and are deciding between Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Josh.ai, read this blog to learn how they compare!


Amazon Alexa vs. Google Home

Amazon gives customers the options of small, medium, and large sizes for smart speakers, offering a well-rounded line of hardware. There are various products to choose from, such as the premium hi-fi Echo Studio speaker, the classic Echo, the user-friendly Echo Show with a built-in touchscreen, and the discreet Echo Dot.

While Google’s hardware options are more limited, the options available are worth considering. The redesigned Nest Mini, the Nest Audio, and the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max displays all perform well and look good in your home. You can also use Lenovo smart displays that are Google Assistant-enabled for added variety. All in all, Amazon offers more options in their product line, but Google products are also a solid choice.

Google consolidated the Nest and Google brands into the "Works with Google Assistant" program and was met with mixed reactions due to its incompatibility with third-party services such as IFTTT. Still, Google is constantly innovating its products to bring a better experience to its users.

Amazon’s user experience is arguably less intuitive than Google’s, especially in its smart displays. And although Alexa’s open API is more accessible for third-party companies than Google's, Google is moving towards a more robust foundation for their smart home products. From Google’s integration of the free version of YouTube Music, to their advanced conversation features and more, Google is constantly setting the standard for out-of-the-box smart home voice control.

One thing many consumers consider when selecting the right voice control platform is privacy. It is essential to carefully read each company's privacy policy to see where your data is going. For example, both Amazon and Google use your data to learn your patterns and perform better for you, as well as create personalized ad experiences. Amazon stores your data by default while Google doesn’t, unless you opt in. The good news is that both platforms allow you to delete stored recordings associated with your account.

Additionally, some products implement more privacy-related features, such as the Nest Hub Max having a green light that turns on when it is recording or the Echo Show including a physical camera shutter.

Why We Prefer Josh.ai

Amazon Alexa and Google Home might work for simple smart home installations, but for advanced control over more devices, you need a robust voice control system that will respond to complex commands. Alexa and Google Home force you to say what needs to be done in unnatural ways and limit the keywords you can use to nickname your assistant. Josh.ai allows you to name your system whatever you want and utilizes a proprietary natural language processing technology that allows you to talk to your system like it’s a person.

Another downside to out-of-the-box voice assistants is their inability to understand context. If you issue a command and speak a follow-up question or command, Alexa and Google Home might not understand what you are asking unless you use a specific sequence of words. Josh.ai, on the other hand, continually learns from you and adapts to the way that you speak. For example, if you say, “Dim the lights and turn on Stranger Things,” it knows to turn on the necessary audio-video components to the right settings, find Stranger Things on Netflix, and dim the lights in that specific room. Josh.ai knows what room you are in and analyzes what you are saying to execute the correct actions.

Best of all, unlike Google and Amazon, Josh.ai does all of its processing locally and only uses the cloud to communicate with other systems. Your data is not used for marketing or other purposes, keeping it in your home for the ultimate privacy.

Technology Design Associates is here to help you with every aspect of your smart home installation—including voice control. We will work with you to decide whether Josh.ai, Google or Amazon is a better fit for your project, integrate it with your smart home system, and answer any questions you may have about operating your smart home with voice control. To schedule a free consultation, call (833) 832-7678, fill out our online form, or send us a message in the chatbox below. We would love to hear from you!

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