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2 High-End Outdoor Speaker Systems You Should Trust


Origin Acoustics and James Loudspeaker Bring Crisp Music Across Your Property

Expand your living spaces beyond the four walls of your home with an outdoor entertainment system. Whether you want to blast a party playlist by the pool or relaxing jazz on the porch, outdoor speakers bring your favorite music into any environment.

But how do you choose the right audio system for your home? Read on to learn about two brands that we recommend for your outdoor speaker system in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Origin Acoustics

Origin Acoustics is a trusted name in the outdoor audio industry. They provide various weather-resistant speakers, including landscape bollards, satellite speakers, and buried subwoofers to offer an even soundscape for any application.

For example, the luxury Bollard loudspeaker is housed in a stylish but durable aluminum enclosure and covers your property with incredible sound at all listening levels using a 360-degree acoustic lens. The Seasons Landscape satellite speakers use titanium tweeters to cut through high-volume noise with the added benefit of extended durability and accurate sound reproduction. Pair them with a burial subwoofer for amazing, full-range bass response.

Whether you want to listen to rap music with deep bass undertones or delicate classical music on the patio, both lines of outdoor speakers bring stellar sound to your property. Finally, the DSP3-700 amplifier completes your Origin Acoustics outdoor speaker system by bringing clean, high-quality, and long-range power to your entire outdoor space.

James Loudspeaker

James Loudspeaker is another high-end outdoor audio solution perfect for a variety of custom applications. Choose from Under-Eave speakers, their signature All-Terrain series, and even their Sub-Terranean direct burial subwoofers. However, your choices do not stop there. Create a well-balanced system from a versatile selection of speakers that all come in 70V and 4/8 Ohm modes for easy integration into any audio system.

James Loudspeaker products are built to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Using aircraft-grade aluminum with powder coating, James Loudspeaker systems can handle extreme temperatures, rain, snow, dust, and humidity.

Above all, James Loudspeaker is known for its unmatched customization options. While you can choose from several standard finishes like Weathered Iron, Bronze Wrinkle, Sierra Mountain Granite, and Sandstone to blend with your landscape, you can also request a custom finish for your property. Beyond finishes, James Loudspeaker can design and manufacture totally custom speaker solutions for your unique outdoor audio installation to precisely meet your needs.

For unrivaled audio that blends beautifully within your landscape, contact the audio specialists at Technology Design Associates! To schedule a free consultation, call (833) 832-7678, fill out our online form, or send us a message in the chat box below. We would love to hear from you!

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