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Explore the Benefits and Delights of a Truly Hands-Free System

The dream of a contactless, voice interface for computers and smart home systems has long been relegated to the pages of science fiction writers and futurists. Voice control products, in the form of consumer-based 'smart speakers,' are ubiquitous today, yet they still suffer from poor recognition of all but distinctly pronounced words. 

The Josh.ai system is built differently, combining ease of use with its exclusive natural voice commands and extensive support from premier home automation platforms. With expert installation, Josh adds control that matches the sophistication and elegance of your home's decor. 

Are you curious about the possibilities in your Vancouver, WA, home? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Naturally Integrated to Any Voice 

Josh.ai was founded from the start to be not just a better voice assistant but one that allows you to use your natural voice without continually repeating commands or hesitation. The advanced processor lets you use conversational speech, much as you would to another person. For example, to raise the lights or lower the temperature, you say, “Ok, Josh, lower the temperature to 68 degrees and the lights to 50%.”

Listening Builds Better Relationships

Any relationship coach will tell you that a good conversation involves more listening than talking. The Josh.ai system catches every word using discrete and sophisticated interfaces that virtually disappear into the wall or sleek table-top units. 

The microphone interfaces are designed with an innate awareness of their exact location inside the home. As a result, no matter where you talk to Josh.ai from, it understands context. If you turn on the kitchen lights while in the living room and shortly begin prepping dinner, the network will raise the lights where you are when asked. 

Additionally, you do not have to strain to listen to Josh's responses; you receive clear and distinct replies, regardless of background noise or location. The exclusive VoiceCast tool connects to your whole-home audio system to update you or acknowledge an event with a fully resonant voice. 

Protect Your Privacy 

A home automation system is a very intimate experience. It knows your schedule and preferred programs and keeps watch on all aspects of your personalized environment. Many over-the-counter devices are built by companies that make money from gathering and selling your information.

The Josh.ai network is premised on the concept that voice control does not come at the cost of relinquishing your privacy. Rather than collect data about you and send it off to cloud servers, the central processor handles all interactions locally. 

Get Started with Josh.ai 

Are you intrigued by how a proper voice control interface can enhance the way you live, work, and play in your luxury home? To start the conversation, call us at 833-832-7678 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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