Create a Healthier and Happier Home with Circadian Lighting

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Be More Connected Bring Balance to Your Luxury Lifestyle 

Light is a fundamental element of your daily life. It shapes how you see the world, colors perceptions, and directly affects your general wellness. In the past, lighting design for the home focused on the more pragmatic aspects of guiding your way in the dark. However, this narrow focus disconnects you from the benefits of natural sunlight and how dramatic illumination lifts the spirit. 

The daily cycle of the sun, from the hushed morning hues to the clarity of mid-day brightness and the warm colors of the evening, is instilled in our evolutionary biology. Integrating these natural rhythms using circadian lighting dramatically changes how you live, work, and rest. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Scottsdale, AZ, home? Then continue reading to learn more. 

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Transformative Illumination 

Daylighting, the process of maximizing sunlight in a home, is the foundational tenet of the biophilia design theory. The philosophy seeks to blur the lines between interior spaces and the natural world just outside your windows.

The sun’s natural light has many benefits, from stimulating the production of serotonin, a hormone tied to happiness, to improving your outlook and positive attitude. In addition, the vitamin D generated is shown to aid in creating neural pathways, helping to increase focus and cerebral connections. 

A tunable lighting system maximizes the use of the sun with interior lights that match the color and brightness outside. As part of an integrated smart home, you can furnish just the right light or allow the sensors and geo-location programming to guide the lighting system over the course of the day. 

Rest Easy

It is a well-established rule that better sleep equals a more productive day. Are you getting enough? Nearly 53% of Americans report having troubled or inconsistent sleep, leaving them fatigued during the day. But this isn’t just sleepiness. Research shows a connection between a lack of deep REM sleep and cognitive disorders later in life. Integrated, human-centric lighting keeps you in balance with your natural cycles.

Just as the type of music you play over your whole-home audio system invigorates your workout and soothes you in the spa, light influences your state of activity. Imagine waking to the soft hues of the morning as the motorized shades gently reveal the day. As the day progresses, the fixtures respond with brighter and more intense illumination, keeping you centered on the tasks at hand. Finally, your home transforms with warm colors as the evening winds down, signaling your subconscious to prepare for sleep. 

The Light of Your Life

Your smart home provides more than the convenience of automated tasks. It also provides the luxury of circadian lighting and better living. Are you ready to make your house happier, healthier, and more in tune with you? Call us at 833-832-7678 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation! We look forward to working with you.

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