Enjoy Effortless Living with Voice Controlled Lights

The Josh.ai voice assistant placed on a home's wall with a background.

Welcome Hands-Free Control Into Your Home 

Our lives have changed significantly since the advent of the incandescent lightbulb almost 150 years ago. The lighting in our homes enables us to perform our daily tasks and enjoy a 24/7 lifestyle. From morning through evening, we turn lights on and off to see in the dark and create spaces for inspiration or relaxation. 

However, if you’re still switching lights on and off manually, you’re missing out on some of the latest technology that makes controlling our lighting effortless. Voice-controlled lights enable you to turn lights on and off in every room and even set the color and intensity. Let’s explore the benefits of this extraordinary lighting and how it creates unprecedented ease of living in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas.

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Ease of Living

Imagine walking into your home with hands full of groceries at the end of a long day. Instead of entering a dark house and scrambling for the light switch by the door, you ask your friendly voice assistant, Josh.ai, to turn on the entryway and kitchen lights. While he’s at it, he may as well start your favorite relaxing playlist and heat the spa. Josh.ai is nothing if not accommodating.

Josh.ai—the Intelligent Voice Assistant

Unlike other voice assistants, Josh.ai was developed for smart homes. This means it understands the minute details involved in smart home automation. Common lighting solutions in today’s smart homes include integrating LED lights. These lights transform into every imaginable color. They also offer natural light—changing throughout the day to mimic the color of daylight. These solutions offer incredible beauty and even enhanced well-being.

When you tell Josh.ai to set your lights to the color of living coral, moonlight blue, or feldspar, he understands. He also understands the room you’re referring to, whether reclining on the couch or relaxing in the bedroom. In addition to Josh’s keen Artificial Intelligence (AI), we recommend this voice assistant because the founders are big on privacy and will never sell your information to third parties for marketing purposes.

Integrated Solutions

At Technology Design Associates, our goal is to create a smart home that’s effortless to control and enhances our clients’ daily lives. To accomplish this, we partner with Control4, the leading home automation platform that makes managing your entire home easy and enjoyable. This system integrates your lighting, climate, shades, entertainment, security, and more, all of which can be controlled by Josh.ai. 

When you get home from work, say, “Josh, I’m home!” And your lights settle into the perfect preset shades and intensities while the living room TV tunes into your favorite Netflix series and the gas fireplace ignites. When it’s time for bed, tell Josh “Goodnight,” and every light turns off, the entertainment devices shut down, the temperature lowers, and the doors lock. Life made easy.

At Technology Design Associates, we provide technology solutions tailored to your unique needs. To learn more about voice-controlled lights or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Technology Design Associates today.

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