Change the Mood for Every Occasion with LED Lighting

Two people sitting by a pool with a mountain scene in the background and Control Vibrant Lighting on the patio ceiling.

An LED Lighting Installation Lets You Use Light Like a Painter’s Palette 

As the film director and artist Aaron Rose said, “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” The right lighting in your home can make the everyday look exceptional. It brings incredible depth and beauty while enhancing the desired mood and can take a room from functional to warm and inviting or fun and lively. The problem is that our moods and activities change. The proper lighting for an elegant dinner party is far different than lighting we would choose for a gathering with friends on game day or our children’s birthday parties. 

With an LED lighting installation, you no longer need to be concerned about which type of lighting you’ll settle with. Today’s LED full-spectrum lights allow you to change one source of light to millions of colors, instantly changing the mood in your home for every occasion. 

Let's explore the world of LED lighting and how it's transforming homes in Spokane, WA.

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Designing with LED Lighting

LED lights let you design with light the same way an artist creates with a palette of various paints. Turn your living room into a relaxing oasis with colors that resemble the Caribbean Sea. Soft washes of mystical blue embrace walls while lighting that simulates starlight drifts from the ceiling. Highlight artwork and architecture with cyan and seafoam green. Let your interior decorator come out and create incredible lighting arrangements for parties, game days, movie nights, weekend mornings, and date nights. Then, save each scene so that, with one tap on a touchscreen icon, your lights transform into the perfect setting.

Vibrant Lighting

In September 2022, at the CEDIA Expo, Control4 debuted its Vibrant Lighting (pictured above). This LED tape creates sophisticated lighting that provides an immersive experience, linear lights that are felt more than seen. When strategically implemented with a skillfully designed layout, it creates an accent layer of lighting that eliminates harsh shadows and highlights architectural elements. 

Varying colors, hues, and temperatures transform a space from an elegant ambiance into an inspiring retreat or party central. Different scenes can be activated with one touch or a voice command.

The lights can also mimic natural sunlight, aligning with daylight's changing hues. Start your day with lighting that resembles the rising sun and end the day with the soft amber glow of sunset. This form of illumination reconnects us to the cycles of light we lived with for eons—promoting increased energy during the day and relaxation at night. 

At Technology Design Associates, we utilize the latest technology to create smart homes that are beautiful and effortless to control. To learn more about the latest LED lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Technology Design Associates today.

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