Ask the Pros: What Should You Know About Motorized Shades?

A corner dining room with chandelier and two large windows with motorized shades half drawn.

Helpful Notes From Your Trusted Phoenix, AZ Lutron Dealer

As a Lutron dealer, we get asked a wide variety of questions about Lutron's products, especially their motorized shades. Lutron is the leading brand in motorized window treatments and provides a quality of life you have to experience to believe. In addition, there is great interest in the benefits of automated living, such as convenience, money savings, and enhanced security.

If you're considering an investment in motorized shades for your Phoenix, AZ home, you should continue reading for some helpful notes from the pros (that's us!) that may help you make a decision. 

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A Note About Energy and Money Savings

Keeping the heat out is a daily battle in the hot, hot desert sun. Having the right window coverings can make a difference to your home's comfort and energy bills. Lutron's motorized shades are perfect for blocking the sun's rays and can be programmed to close during the day's peak heat. Let's just say your air conditioner will thank you - and so will your wallet. Not only will your bills be lower, but you'll also find more pleasure in your living room during the afternoon when you're not sweating and contending with the sun's glare.

A Note About Home Security

Home automation can benefit your daily life with added convenience and protect your home while traveling. For example, Lutron's motorized shades can be programmed into a smart home control system to open and close at certain times of the day, even when you are away. If the blinds open and close throughout the day, it will deter criminals from intruding in your home as it will appear that you're there.

A Note About The Sun's Rays

If you live in the desert, then you know first-hand how powerful the sun's rays are and how much harm they can do to exposed items. Unfortunately, your home's furniture can also be severely damaged with damaging UV rays. Prolonged exposure can cause fading and damage over time. You can operate Lutron's motorized blinds using a heat sensor that triggers the blinds to close if the room gets too hot. This is an excellent option for homeowners who want their furniture to keep its beauty for a long time.

A Note About Convenience

The convenience of smart home automation is life-changing, and motorized blinds are no different. You probably never noticed how often you get up to close your shades during the day, but you'll definitely do it much less once they are automated! Lutron's automation works with smart home controls, a mobile app, or a separate remote, so you have many options for how you'd like to control your shades throughout the day.


What other questions do you have about Lutron's motorized shades? Contact us using this form, and we'd love to talk about the great products we get to share with our customers as a Lutron dealer. If you're in the Phoenix, AZ, area, reach out to us and let us help you stay cool!

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