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Set Your Kids Up for a Successful School Year with Smart Technology

A father drinks a cup of coffee in a luxury kitchen while he helps his son and daughter with their homework.

A smart home automation system creates the best learning environment!

The school year has begun in Bend, OR. That means no more late nights of playing video games or watching TV shows and movies for thousands of children. Now, they wake up early to prepare for a day of learning at school. While your kids might not be thrilled about this change in their routine, there are a few things you can do to make their experience easier and more enjoyable for them.

In this blog, we’ll explore a few ways home automation integration can help you set your kids up for a successful school year filled with straight A’s.

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Circadian Lighting

Keeping your kids motivated to study and do homework is essential for good grades. Once they’re back home, all sorts of distractions abound, so sitting down and paying attention can be quite difficult. Did you know that you can keep your kids alert and even inspired by adding the right lighting?

With circadian lighting solutions, you can effortlessly set the perfect mood for an efficient study session. Forget about those overly bright fluorescent lights that can cause headaches and mess with your children’s sleep-wake cycle. Instead, integrate human-centric lighting that allows you to achieve the perfect brightness and color temperature. For example, you can brighten white lights to ensure your kids stay focused during the afternoon and adjust them to dim, yellow lighting as they finish their tasks or want to take a break.

Audio-Video Systems

While it is true that with fewer distractions, it’s easier to concentrate, it doesn’t mean your kids can’t have a little entertainment while doing their homework. After all, there’s nothing less appealing than a lonely, dead-quiet room. Integrate multi-room audio and video installation and make their study area more fun and inviting!

Through high-performance speakers, you can reproduce a playlist specifically designed for concentration, such as classical or lo-fi music. Then, on your 4K TV screen, you can display videos that promote focus, such as nature images. In addition, with high-performance AV installations, your kids can watch didactic videos and use educational platforms to make the most of their study sessions. Getting good grades has never been more entertaining!

Climate Control

Setting the right temperature plays a huge part in creating a comfortable environment to do schoolwork. With smart climate control solutions, you can adjust the temperature simply by using a mobile app, a touchpad, or giving a voice command. You can also program automatic settings based on the time of day or season, ensuring your kids always have the best study experience.

At Technology Design Associates, we are deeply committed to helping you create a better environment for your family to feel happy and inspired. Are you ready to integrate these home automation technologies and elevate your lifestyle? Contact us right here to learn more.


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