3 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Home Theater

A couple watching TV in a home theater with dim, cozy lights.

Enhance Your Family’s Entertainment Experience By Creating a Home Theater The Right Way!

Home entertainment has become one of the most important elements of a luxury residence. After all, what’s the use of a modern home if you can’t have any fun in it? If you plan to create a custom home theater to enjoy movies, TV shows, video games, and more with your family and friends, these are a few “need to know” tips! We will review three serious mistakes you should avoid when building a home theater in your Bend, OR, home.

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Buying a Screen That Is Just Too Big

Everyone wants to watch their content on a big and beautiful screen. However, incorporating the biggest television on the market is not always the wisest decision. To choose the right display for your home theater, you should take a few aspects into account. These include the dimensions of the room, how far you will be sitting from the TV, the quality picture of your device, and more. Our experts can customize your home theater and integrate the right technology to satisfy your needs and complement the design of your space. 

Focusing Only on Your Video Experience

We understand that looking for a screen with the highest quality picture is certainly important to enjoy your content. Still, you should be careful not to neglect other vital elements of a good entertainment experience, such as sound. 

If you are looking to recreate the magic of traditional cinema in your home, a high-performance surround sound system is a must. At Technology Design Associates, we partner with several world-class manufacturers such as Sony, Triad, James Loudspeaker, Sonos, Leon, and many more. Work with our experts to learn what’s best in your space, and we’ll provide the immersive sound experience you deserve!

Not Taking Lighting into Account

If your home theater is located in a room with no windows, then natural light interference will not be a problem. In fact, those types of spaces are excellent for enjoying more privacy and reproducing the traditional theater experience. However, this is not the case for everybody, so what do we do? 

If your home theater has big windows, then motorized window treatments and smart lighting control will be your best friend for building a cozy, intimate environment. Create a “movie night” scene, and with the touch of a button, or a simple voice command, you can lower your shades and dim down your lights to get you in the mood. Smart lighting is excellent for any room - with or without windows - because it creates the ambiance you want. 

At Technology Designs Associates, we are committed to helping our clients enjoy every area of their smart home to the fullest. Our team can work with you in designing a custom-tailored home theater that satisfies your needs. Are you ready to integrate outstanding technology and build an enviable home theater? Contact us today by filling out this online form, drop a message on the chat box below, or call (833) 832-7678. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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