Voice Activated Home

Technology Design Associates and Control4 are one of the first companies to integrate Alexa, the brain that powers Amazon Echo. In a collaborative effort this week we began rolling out voice-integrated skills for our integrated smart home system. The new skills allow users to control devices throughout the house with the sound of their voice. That means users can now say things like, “Alexa, turn the lights on, or dim the lights to 50%.”

c4_78057_500Last year Amazon opened up Alexa to developers, and Amazon said tens of thousands of them are now working on skills and projects for Alexa. As of now, Alexa has more than 2,000 skills. Developers who want to add to Alexa’s abilities can write code that works with Alexa in the cloud, letting the smart assistant do the heavy lifting of understanding and deciphering spoken commands.

Amazon Echo has quietly become the hottest smart home product on the market.

The integrations keep coming, at such a pace that it can be hard to know exactly which products work with Alexa. Amazon’s website tries to keep on top of things, but its interface can be tough to navigate. So, let us do the navigating for you.

Not only has Amazon built Alexa into other products, like the Fire TV, but the company has also allowed third-party hardware makers to build Alexa into their own devices like our Control4 integration system.  One more example of how we are at the leading edge of bringing the newest technology to you and making today’s technology, everyday easy!