Video Surveillance Straight Out of James Bond

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Surveillance has been important to us when it comes to keeping our families and abodes safe from all manner of disasters, from human to natural. Nothing beats keeping an eye on things, especially from a distance. Recently, the trend in surveillance cameras has been toward the image clarity of HD, but that’s just the beginning. Now, there’s a real surveillance camera revolution underway, and it was prominently featured at the CEDIA show too. (CEDIA is the leading global authority in the $14 billion home technology industry. )

You’ve heard of self-driving cars, now it’s self-driving security cameras! We’re talking about intelligent video surveillance systems; something that wouldn’t be out of place at the CIA or in a Bond movie!

A single camera can analyze what it sees, determine what’s likely the biggest threat, and automatically track it as it moves around your property! Yes, the camera follows the bad guys automatically, but stays put if you’re walking out for the morning paper (remember those?) or taking Fido for a spin. Really. Now THAT’S 21st century!

For more traditional stationary, multi-camera systems, much of the same intelligent analytics is also available. Instead of relying purely on motion opening doors to make events easier to find, the system can analyze your video at a much higher level.

Factors like motion direction come into play. Was the object coming on to your property or leaving it? Was it a car, utility van, or boat? Maybe there is a person in an area where there shouldn’t be one, possibly a large dog, or perhaps just a moth flying close to the camera lens? The system knows the difference, and if it matters, you’ll know too!