Micro LED 150" Television will showcase your media room.

Tech Info From the 2020 CES

Like a more powerful engine for your favorite ride, who doesn’t want a bigger screen for their TV? Projectors are great, and although rumors to the contrary persist, they do have bright, deep, and razor sharp images these days; really!

The issue is, despite significant screen technology developments and brighter projectors than ever, front projection systems still look best with the lights off. Big TV (75″ – 85″) prices have plummeted latey, but for really big screens, you’re still putting a projector on your ceiling, under a coffee table, or behind a wall.

That’s where micro-LED will be a game changer. Confusing name to the contrary, you’ll get to watch the game on a massive screen, and with no front projection drawbacks. Micro LED displays are built from blocks, just like your kids’ Legos, to whatever size fits your application. Micro-LEDs are probably thinner than those Legos, though.