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Policies & Procedures

Streamlining Our Client Care Program

Our Client Care Program has been available since 2017 and we've decided to streamline our program to make it easier for you when you need support.

Several options are available to support your home automation system but you need to choose between:

  • Participating in the Client Care Program (Ongoing Coverage/Reduced Prices) or
  • Pay as you go, incident by incident.

If you haven't taken the opportunity to review the plans we have to offer, please click here.  

If You Are A Client Care Program Participant

When you need service or support, continue to call the Client Care Support number you have been provided.

Non Client Care Program Participants
Support Going Forward
What If I Opt Out & Need Support?

If you have decided you do not want a Client Care plan, you still need to opt out .

If you need support down the road, we're still here to serve you!  We've created an online trouble ticketing system.  Just fill out the form below and your issue will be dispatched to the support department and the regional office in your area.  Please be as specific as possible in describing your problem. 

Complete the form below if you ARE NOT a member of the Client Care Program

Customer Service Request/W Opt Out Option
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