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Some New Developments We Bet You’ll Love!

Do It With the Lights on For a Change

Here’s one people just love. If you have a front projection system you probably know that complete darkness delivers the best video performance. However, if you’d like to be able to sit in a lit room to enjoy the ball game with friends and family, technology has come to the rescue again. New light rejecting screen technologies make it easy to enjoy that big picture you have; even with the lights on and window treatments open.

A Really Big Image Where None Has Gone Before:

If you’ve wanted a really big image, but didn’t have a room suited for it because it’s too bright, this may be your chance. We can take a look around and get a few measurements to determine if it’s a good fit for your space. What about repurposing the existing screen? Your church, office, or charity may be a good place for it.

What about repurposing your old screen? Your church, office, or charity may be a good place for it. Technology Design Associates
I Can See Clearly Now: Analog Security Cameras to HD Using Existing Wiring

Tired of trying to figure out if that figure lurking about is Uncle Harold, the landscaper, or that sketchy dude you saw on America’s Most Wanted last night? There’s hope! Even with the old, original wiring, chances are good we can use it for new HD cameras. You won’t believe what you’ve been missing. It’s like lifting a veil covering your cameras all these years.

If seeing shadowy images on your security cameras has really got your goat, and you’d like to actually be able to tell WHO you’re looking at, this upgrade is certainly worth looking into (and at)! This is one where you’ll be probably able to use the wire, but the cameras are from a bygone era. (Recycle)

Sound and Vision… or Completely Invisible

Replace: old in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. New high tech ones look better and deliver the kind of performance demanded by new digital music and surround formats. The new ones even look better? Yes, In the last couple years, manufacturers have redesigned speaker grills to have a much more svelte look. You’ll love it!

You may even be a candidate for completely invisible speakers. That’s right, speakers that have no visible grill at all. They completely disappear after installation, so you hear great sound, but see nothing. The concept has been around for decades, but like most things tech, it’s come a really long way in 20 years. They’re faster and easier to install, a far better value, and the sound… well let’s just say it’s been taken up a level.

Those old speakers aren’t necessarily done, though. We’d be happy to install them in a room where you’ve been dying to enjoy some music. What about the garage, craft room, or workshop?