New Control4 Touchscreens


The new Control4 T4 Touchscreens start shipping in December 2020. If you are hearing about the T4 for the first time – it improves upon the T3 with over 2x the screen resolution, larger speakers, dual microphones, a faster processor, and a super easy install! You can learn all about it on the Control4 dealer portal.

The new Control4 T4 Touchscreen offers complete and immediate control for sophisticated smart homes and businesses. Its bright, high-resolution screen, fast processor, advanced microphone array, and high-grade speakers make it excellent for security cameras and video doorbells, as well as intercom from room to room, or from home to mobile device.

The Control4 T4 Touchscreen improves upon the T3 with over 2x the resolution, larger speakers, dual microphones, and a faster processor. From their T4 Touchscreen, customers get a complete view of their smart home and can quickly and conveniently control lighting, security, music, televisions, temperature, shades, and more.


Together, the T4 Touchscreen and Chime Video Doorbell are the perfect partners for any smart home. You’ll take Chime’s smart home security capabilities to the next level when you pair it with the T4’s high-resolution screen and constant connectivity with Intercom Anywhere..


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