It’s A Coverup

It's A Coverup! Wireless, Motorized Window Coverings!

It’s the sun season. It’s hot. Yes, of course you have air conditioning, and boy, is it nice! Of course, it would be nicer if it was a bit more friendly to the ole wallet, but we digress. In any case, the summer sun brightens up the golf course, and is perfect when you’re by the pool, but it can play havoc to your home and furnishings.
All that sunlight is chock full of UV. You know what it does to your skin, but it has an opposite effect on your floors, furnishings and carpets. Instead of giving them a nice tan, they fade.
If you’ve ever moved furniture or carpeting aside to expose a beautiful cherry floor that’s been protected from the sun, it’s plain to see. The floor that’s been hidden from solar rays by the furniture or carpets will be several shades different than the floor where the sun has hit.


Home theater creates the perfect ambiance that leaves your family lost in the cine-magic, the go-to spot for friends to enjoy the big game or the next binge-worthy series, and a space you’ll never want to leave because the viewing experience brings it all to life.There’s a simple solution to these problems that will also help enhance your home’s décor, motorized window treatments. Speaking of enhancing your home’s décor, the sheer variety of different window treatment’s is dizzying, so there’s sure to be something that will make even the demanding designer jump with joy.

Pretty much anything you can conceive to make your windows more interesting… or disappear, you can do. Roller shades are the most popular, and they’re available in a multitude of fabrics.
Something is eminently satisfying about watching an entire room of windows with all the shades dropping and all coordinated. They all make a perfect line, moving at exactly the same speed. Just call us a little kooky.
Something else that many people love about roller shades is that they’re available in wide range of openness. You can just add a little sun relief, but preserve most of your view, or go all the way to full blackout, where nary a photon enters or leaves.
Draperies are another style that can really add to both the room comfort and décor. You can also use them in a home theater to conceal the screen, just like the cinema. It’s a cool experience, when you hit a button, the lights dim, the curtains part, and the screen lights up. You may get used to it, but your guests won’t!

Drapery tracks can also be curved. It enables you to have some really interesting effects and we still never tire of seeing a drapery glide along a curved track, as if by magic!
Roman shades deliver a very warm, rich look. If you haven’t experienced them, they can be that perfect touch that really “make” a room. We’ve done projects that actually used both Roman and roller shades. This combination is mostly used in media and bedrooms. The Romans are blackout, while the roller shades let in some light and still deliver a view. It’s a fantastic combination.

Of course, Venetian blinds are an old standby, and we still do plenty of projects with them. A more modern variation on the Venetian blind theme is having blinds that are covered by sheer fabric. When the blinds are down, but the slats are horizontal, the sheer fabric filters some light and brings a little privacy. To block both light and prying eyes completely, the slats go vertical and it’s done.


What If I Can’t Use Wires?

Motorized is the bee’s knees, but just because you can’t get wires to you windows doesn’t mean you’ll have to tear up walls or be stuck using, GASP!!, pull cords!! No, modern technology to the rescue again. Motor and control advances enable battery powered shades to operate smoothly and quietly for years before battery replacement.

There are so many window treatment variations that you’ll be fast asleep if we listed them all. We do have fabric sample book with your name on it, though! We’d love to give you some ideas about how you can cover up and enhance your decor at the same time!

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