Home Power Drains

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It’s the stormy, hot season again, and you know what that means. Plenty of A/C use, downed power lines, and blown power company transformers. It does more than make utility employees work overtime. It makes your poor electronics suffer through what amounts to tainted food. They eat power, and when it’s polluted by the effects of summer’s extra load, lightning and the like, it’s like food poisoning.

It doesn’t often cause instant catastrophes. It’s the cumulative effects of voltage drops, mini spikes and surges that really wear on your sensitive electronics over time. It’s not just what happens out side your home, either. Every time a compressor kicks on or a motor starts, it sends ripples down your home’s power grid.

When does that ripple stuff happen? Think washing machines, air conditioning units, vacuum cleaners (except for those little round robot ones…) air compressors and the like. All have motors that create havoc on your home or business’s power.

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Your computers are another power problem. They are both sensitive to poor quality power and cause it. Their power supplies are notorious for spewing electrical noise that dirty up the power for everything else.

Compounding matters is that nearly everything with a power cord today has some sort of microprocessor inside. It’s not just your precious A/V gear, either. We’re talking even vacuum cleaners, toasters and washer/dryers. Those little chips and their attendant circuitry thrive on pure, clean power. The cleaner it is, the longer they live.

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Then, there’s the radio frequency noise in the power that your electronics must contend with. All the wiring inside your walls is like a giant antenna, searching for radio waves. They catch all the radio frequency noise flying through the air from radio stations, computer power supplies, and poorly shielded electric motors like a giant catcher’s mitt. It travels down the wires into your gear. It’s not dangerous, but does degrade performance.

So, how can you give them what they want, so they give you trouble free service and higher performance?

There is a veritable plethora of solutions, from plug in surge protectors to whole-house units. As with many things in life, there’s no best one-size-fits-all solution. It depends on your specific situation. A high quality, plug-in power conditioner and surge protector can do an excellent job of filtering out dangerous voltage spikes and surges. They also eliminating most of the performance robbing radio frequency interference your home’s wiring manage to scoop out of the air.