Alexa, Google Home, JoshAI & Smart Watches

We can connect them all!

Once we get the initial Control4  install completed, you can personalize your lights to turn on or off at certain times of the day, adjust them with the seasons, or have them automatically alternate while you're out of town. For instance; When the door locks, Then turn on the entry light. Or When it’s sunrise, Then turn off the outdoor lights.


Today's culture is quickly adopting home automation integration with smart devices. First the iPhone, then Alexa and now a plethora of smart devices!

You should fully expect to connect to our system with your choice of almost any smart device!

Your Smart Home works with any Google Assistant device, such as Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Android smartphones.

Our customers can personalize their voice experience to change device names, adjust voice commands, adjust Smart Home Privacy Guard™ settings, and disable commands.

Through Google Assistant, you can also stack commands. For instance, “Hey Google, lower the shades and turn off the kitchen lights.”

Much of our daily interactions are via smartphone and tablet apps, although the iPhone is no longer the only app game in town. So, just what can one do with these little fistfuls of fury? What, indeed! Beyond just reaching out and touching someone, you can:

  • Create luscious movies and music
  • Schedule every aspect of your life
  • Let everyone one of your 1,196 friends know about your son’s dominating basketball performance, your cat’s Insane Clown Posse act, or that the pasta down at the Italian Chinese Noodle House is insanely overpriced for what you get…. Complete with a video, of course!
  • Most importantly for the purposes of this discussion, control and monitor nearly everything in your home and business. Really!

Using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control a specific device, a few devices simultaneously, or your entire Smart Home with just your voice.

Voice control is an easy and convenient way for anyone in the house to interact with your smart home. The commands are simple and natural. For example, “Alexa, turn on family room TV” or “Hey Google, dim the theater lights to 40%.”

House guests can effortlessly activate music, turn on or off a single light or multiple fixtures at once, lock doors, or adjust the temperature, all without lifting a finger.

Alexa, Google Home, JoshAI & Smart Watches

Check out JOSH AI for a voice integration possibility.  JOSH is sophisticated  AI for the luxury home.

At, your privacy is their paramount concern. They take pride in ensuring that you and your family are protected. Your data will never be sold for marketing purposes or third party advertisements. You also have the power to determine how much information your home collects. Our team is happy to provide you with these freedoms, which offer the potential for limitless personalization as well as unparalleled peace of mind.

Watch the video on the right.  Get past the first 30 seconds and they really get in to the guts of the app and the functionality.