Flip The Switch On Your Home’s Lighting

Technology Design Associates partners with Control4 for some of our automation capabilities including smart home lighting.
Control4 Smart Lighting goes far beyond beautiful switches and dimmable bulbs. It provides energy efficiency, added safety and security, custom lighting scenes, and the ability to control several smart products in your home at once with just the touch of a button.

How does smart lighting do all of this?

  • Mainstream Day-to-Day Tasks. With a preset scene like “Good Night,” you’re able to switch off all of the lights simultaneously, turn off TVs and electronics, lock the doors, and set the alarm. 
  • Feel Safe and Secure. Never come home to a dark house again; lights come on automatically as the sun goes down. A “Mockupancy” feature also helps deter thieves while you’re away by automatically turning on and off to emulate how you normally live in your home. 
  • Control Even When You’re Away. Control the lighting (and the HVAC, door locks, even cameras!) in your home all from your mobile device whether you’re across the street or across the globe.
  • Enhance Energy Efficiency. Be more energy-efficient by ensuring all lights are turned off while you’re away during the day. You can also utilize motion sensors so lights will turn off once no movement is detected.
  • So Much More. The possibilities are practically endless. Set mood lighting for date nights, use hues and shades to bring out details in art pieces, and tie lights into voice assistants so you can do all of this and more from the comfort of the couch or bed.​​​​​​
Control4 Smart Lighting is completely customized to fit your needs at home. You need only a few products from Control4 to enjoy smart lighting. Simply start with one room and add more smart lighting over time to your existing system—the choice is yours. We have products made for any budget and every style. 

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