Even In Home Automation, It’s All About The Space

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Even In Home Automation, It's All About the Space

We see it frequently. Just because a particular piece of gear performed well in one environment doesn’t mean you’ll get similar results in another. For that matter, one’s person’s idea of sweet performance or aesthetic is likely not everyone’s.
Can a set of OmyGosh Gargantua-5500S tower speakers placed out in your room, driven by a stack of SupercalifragiWatt 9000 amplifiers, elicit a response most typically reserved for a wedding night? You betcha! However, there’s most likely a battle reminiscent of a “Cops” episode before all parties involved agree to allow monolithic stuff like that into a space.
If it’s fine with all concerned, our complements to your designer, LOL. Typically though, we’re after high performance that’s a bit more subtle on the aesthetic. As that’s far from an uncommon desire, many talented engineers have spent sleepless nights wrestling with tough questions .
Their slumber sacrifice means you can get performance that stands up and smacks you in the face when necessary, just not visually. Realistic audio is now more than a forgotten Radio Shack brand from the 1970’s. It’s a real possibility, even when not intruding on the space’s aesthetic.
We could show it to you, but there’s nothing to see here…..Technology Design Associates

Let's play "Spot the 12" subwoofer in this picture". Hint: It's not in the in-floor heat register. It's only one example of how high performance audio needn't intrude.

High performance speakers can now be concealed in drywall or wallpapered over, designed to fire through very small openings, or specially engineered to fit into unusual spaces and concealed behind custom grillwork. We could show it to you, but there’s nothing to see here…..
In fact, nearly everything audio/video can be hidden, camouflaged, or configured to minimally impact your room, and you get to keep the great sound and video. It takes a few smart people and years of experience to make it blend with your vision, but we’ve got that covered ;-)
Whether you’re working with a designer or not, we’ll look at your space and décor and help you exceed performance expectations, so you can get the goosebumps you want, while not compromising your space’s dream look. Contact us now and let’s discuss it. We’ve seen a thing or two!