Cyber Security For Your Home

TDA Partners with FIREFX

Technology Design Associates has partnered with FIREFX to deliver a full line of cyber security protection for your home or commercial space. Created by veterans and using “Military Grade” firewalls, FIREFX is designed with the homeowner or commercial office space owner in mind.


2017 Winner Electronic House Magazine Product of the Year Award – Network Guardian – 2017 Home Networking Component Product of the Year.
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FIREFX is a Next-Generation IoT security router, and professional grade high-performance media system developer founded by military networking experts trained at the US Army Cyber-College in Ft. Gordon, GA.

Their award-winning products custom made for the high-end AV Market that consistently deliver superior performance at a reasonable price point.

FIREFX has now combined industry experience, proven software, military grade hardware components and years of military experience to create the Network Guardian; a unified threat management platform for home and business automation networks.

Case Study

A Dallas based systems integrator had a client that upgraded their media room to 4K and wanted a common media system that would support both the 4K media room and the rest of the home operating on the existing HD/1080p HDMI distribution equipment (i.e. HDMI Matrix). This issue is becoming as common as it is problematic. Converting to 4K media system typically requires all associated devices in the environment to be converted to 4K compatible equipment.

The systems integrator deployed a FIREFX 30 Terabyte rack mounted HUB storage device and one 4K rack mounted media player (RPLAY) for use with the 1080p HDMI Matrix for distribution throughout the house. The FIREFX 4K players auto down converts media to 1080p upon connection to the 1080p HDMI matrix, AVR or other 1080p device.

For the 4K media the systems integrator chose to use the 4K desktop media player (DPLAY) connected directly to the 4K AVR and display for true 4K media performance. The systems integrator also added a desktop disk import system in the media room for convenient optical media import.


This hybrid 4K/1080p deployment allowed client’s family to store and access their entire digitized media library throughout the home on a centralized HUB, enjoying 4K quality in the media room and HD quality throughout the rest of the home at a minimal cost.

The system integrator was able to add the FIREFX media system to the existing control system and legacy infrastructure with minimal effort, delivering a truly upgraded user experience at an affordable

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