Technology to The Rescue Again!

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Lutron Shading Systems by Technology Design Associates It’s HOT right now. Just check outside. Ask your AC; it’s working OT in a big way, struggling to keep up. Just check your power bill. It’s probably not pretty. Preventing as much heat from getting inside your humble abode in the first place is one of the best ways to give your …

Tech To The Rescue

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One of the latest developments are “small aperture” speakers that hide most of the speaker in the wall or ceiling, and vent the sound through a small opening that blends perfectly with the small, décorator-style light trims. The upside is that they sound WOW!! The downside? Their cost is on par with some of the aforementioned designer lighting.

Partnership With FIREFX

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Technology Design Associates has partnered with FIREFX to deliver a full line of cyber security protection for your home or commercial space. Created by veterans and using “Military Grade” firewalls, FIREFX is designed with the homeowner or commercial office space owner in mind. FIREFX Their award-winning products custom made for the high-end AV Market that consistently deliver superior performance at …

Who Is Looking Out For You?

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A major headphone manufacturer has been in the news recently, and although there’s a saying in the PR industry “All publicity is good.”, you’d likely get an argument from their execs on that one. The hubub was about a lawsuit over their alleged practice of selling user data to advertisers and data mining firms. The situation illustrates digital age differences our parents didn’t face….. until now.

How prevalent is the situation and how does it affect you? Very, and that depends. You’ve no doubt been annoyed to point of ignoring those 23 page User Licensing Agreements. Once the exclusive realm of software companies, you’re now forced to check their “agree” box before you use your TV, refrigerator, phone, car, Blu Ray player….. In short, everything that runs software…. which is basically everything with electrons flowing through it.

Automated Shading Systems

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Automated Shading Systems Technology Design Associates automated shading systems incorporates the newest technology with your desire to maintain a sustainable home. Our partnership with automated shade partner QMotion goes beyond industry standards to reach new heights in innovation.  Technology Design Associates’s shading systems are designed with both form and function in mind. If there is a new and more effective …