Into Every Life, a Little Rain Must Fall

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We’re Finally Back Outside Again Contrary to what some reports indicated recently, the sun rose again this morning. Even better now is that it rose earlier than yesterday, and you know what that means… Summer’s coming! We’ll be blessed with longer days, and more time outside in the yard, on the deck, and around the pool, patio or deck! With …

Amazon Alexa

Alexa – The Ultimate User Interface

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Where things are more difficult is the stuff you’d really like your little listener to do for you: EVERYTHING! Oh, and that’s without you having to name off every, single thing you’d like to change; just one quick “Alexa, I’m leaving.” And she obligingly turns off the lights, lowers the shades, kills the music, arms the security alarm to “away”, …

Video Surveillance Straight Out of James Bond

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Surveillance has been important to us when it comes to keeping our families and abodes safe from all manner of disasters, from human to natural. Nothing beats keeping an eye on things, especially from a distance. Recently, the trend in surveillance cameras has been toward the image clarity of HD, but that’s just the beginning. Now, there’s a real surveillance …