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What Is Home Automation, Really?

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Without lifting a finger, you’ll never leave lights on or shades open again. You drive away, and when you get a set distance from your home, your home goes to “away” mode. Your security alarm sets, lights turn off, and shades drop, even if you rushed out to the kids’ soccer practice and forgot. You don’t even have to press …

Amazon Alexa

Alexa – The Ultimate User Interface

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Where things are more difficult is the stuff you’d really like your little listener to do for you: EVERYTHING! Oh, and that’s without you having to name off every, single thing you’d like to change; just one quick “Alexa, I’m leaving.” And she obligingly turns off the lights, lowers the shades, kills the music, arms the security alarm to “away”, …

Dumb Home Turned Smart

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Here’s the article as it appears on Digital Trends website. Twenty years ago, new home builders saw an opportunity to add value to a property by installing in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, routing miles of speaker wires, and installing volume dials in every room. Before the days of Sonos and LCD TVs, it was a novelty to be able to listen …

Who Is Looking Out For You?

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A major headphone manufacturer has been in the news recently, and although there’s a saying in the PR industry “All publicity is good.”, you’d likely get an argument from their execs on that one. The hubub was about a lawsuit over their alleged practice of selling user data to advertisers and data mining firms. The situation illustrates digital age differences our parents didn’t face….. until now.

How prevalent is the situation and how does it affect you? Very, and that depends. You’ve no doubt been annoyed to point of ignoring those 23 page User Licensing Agreements. Once the exclusive realm of software companies, you’re now forced to check their “agree” box before you use your TV, refrigerator, phone, car, Blu Ray player….. In short, everything that runs software…. which is basically everything with electrons flowing through it.

Home Automation System Design

Technology Design Associates Home Automation System Design

We are a Northwest Home Automation System design company that is passionate for technology and top quality work. We offer custom design, installation, calibration & programming for your connected home, automated home, home theater, surround sound, media rooms, lighting automation and every area of whole home automation for both new and existing homes in Central Oregon. We partner with the …