Smart Lighting Is A Great Addition To Any Home

You’d like to reduce your energy bills, smarten up your home’s light fixtures, and protect your house from theft while you’re away. Smart lighting can stand vigil. Given its wide range of benefits, smart lighting is…well, one of the smartest additions you can make to your home. And there are so many ways you can implement a smart lighting plan—from …

NEEO Remote For Home Automation

Inspired and crafted by experts in Swiss design, Neeo is a sleek and sophisticated touchscreen remote that gives you control of your entertainment and smart home devices through the powerful Control4 Smart Home OS 3 platform. You may be asking: “Other companies have built touchscreen remotes, what makes the Neeo remote any different?”   Neeo is the first handheld smart remote to …

Automated Motorized Shading

Motorized Shading Provides UV Protection

LIKE SPF FOR YOUR HOUSE, MOTORIZED AND AUTOMATED SHADING BLOCKS THE SUN FROM OVERHEATING AND DAMAGING YOUR HOME’S INTERIOR. The intense heat—like the summer temperatures in Phoenix, Dallas, or Miami—can affect more than just your outdoor activities. Without some type of shading installed on your home’s windows, all of that bright sun can have an unfavorable impact on the indoor …

Smart Home Magazine

Smart Home Magazine

This issue of Smart Home is centered around the splendor of travel and the joy of fashioning memories from new experiences. Learn how a townhome in the United Kingdom is transformed with tech to take you to the four corners of the Earth, enjoy a breathtaking skyline beauty in Poland with some serious brains, and travel to a Hawaii hotspot …

TDA Named to CE Pro 100

While basketball has its own various Dream Teams, so does the custom electronics industry. The 2020 CE Pro 100 list itself might be considered a Dream Team, reflecting the leading custom installation companies in the United States.  Within each CE Pro 100 company itself exists its own Dream Team of talent, from owners to operations, sales, installation and service.  Our team!  The …

Micro LED 150" Television will showcase your media room.

Tech Info From the 2020 CES

Like a more powerful engine for your favorite ride, who doesn’t want a bigger screen for their TV? Projectors are great, and although rumors to the contrary persist, they do have bright, deep, and razor sharp images these days; really!

The issue is, despite significant screen technology developments and brighter projectors than ever, front projection systems still look best with the lights off. Big TV (75″ – 85″) prices have plummeted latey, but for really big screens, you’re still putting a projector on your ceiling, under a coffee table, or behind a wall.

That’s where micro-LED will be a game changer. Confusing name to the contrary, you’ll get to watch the game on a massive screen, and with no front projection drawbacks. Micro LED displays are built from blocks, just like your kids’ Legos, to whatever size fits your application. Micro-LEDs are probably thinner than those Legos, though.