Automated Home Living Room Gallery

In your home, appliances and equipment can be controlled automatically and remotely.

Home automation can either be centralized and programmable, or consist of decentralized and isolated sensors and controls. Systems range from sophisticated electronic programmable controls for lighting, heating, cooling and entertainment devices using special wiring or wireless, to just a few isolated, automated systems, such as motion sensors to control lights.

Home automation systems can improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Automated systems use energy, so they produce energy savings only if they save more energy than they use. They are typically expensive, so take a significant time to ‘pay back’ the savings from reduced energy costs.

Make designing an energy efficient home, and installing high energy efficient appliances and lighting, your first priority. Then, design home automation systems to reduce the time that energy-using equipment operates or the need for operating equipment.  Here’s some photos of one of our automated home living rooms.  This home featured an automated screen covering the large flat panel TV, automated shading, automated temperature control and automated lighting.

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