Amazon Alexa Integration

Check out the videos on this page to learn more about our Amazon Alexa integration with Amazon Echo. This promises to take your home automation capabilities to a new level!

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more—instantly. All you have to do is ask.

Echo provides hands-free voice control for Amazon Music, Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. Plus, Echo is Bluetooth-enabled so you can stream other popular music services like iTunes from your phone or tablet.

Echo has been fine-tuned to deliver crisp vocals with dynamic bass response. Its dual downward-firing speakers produce 360° omni-directional audio to fill any room with immersive sound.

Smart Home Magic

While there are many smart products available today, it isn’t until these devices work together in
orchestration that you experience the magic of a smart home. Control4 delivers power and performance in one platform that coordinates the technology in your home into complete, brilliant experiences— interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy.

With one touch, dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Or, check in on your home no matter where you are. And now, through the power of the Amazon Echo, you can control virtually everything in your Control4 system with the sound of your voice— just ask Alexa

Add Voice Control To Your Home Automation

Voice control of single home automation devices is a no brainer, but you really create something magical when you combine control of individual devices and whole homes with Control4 Smart Lighting.

Smart lighting adds elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to your home. Raise or dim any light in the room, or the entire home with a single touch. You can even make your home appear occupied while you are away. Plus, as you’ve just seen (above) with Alexa, when smart lighting is tied to other systems
in the home—such as music, shades, temperature, security and more—the possibilities for automation are virtually endless.